This is a story about Reyna Navejar, who is determined to follow her passion to become a great boxer, working and training as hard as she needs to in order to fit in with boys at the Racine Boxing Club. “Boxing just keeps me going, it’s the only thing I like doing. It’s weird because I was, like, a ballerina when I was five and now I am a boxer it’s a funny turn around.” - Reyna Navejar on her passion for boxing.

“Boxing is just something that I always wanted to do and I like doing it.” - Reyna Navejar on her boxing dream.

“People tell me ‘it’s tiring, isn’t it hard?’ It is hard, it isn’t all about fun and games, but if you really want something you have to go out and get it, and I am just going to do whatever I can.” - Reyna Navejar

“I train hard every time without stopping. It’s going be hard, but if I really want it, if I really want to go somewhere with it, I’m going to have to do whatever it takes.” - Reyna Navejar

“It was kind of weird, because I am not, like, a girlie girl, having my nails getting done and stuff, but it was fun. I felt all rich, I felt like some sort of superstar.” - Boxer Reyna Navejar on getting her hair done before her quinceanera.

“He knows what he was doing, so if I was to mess up or I need to keep my guard up more, he could tell me, help me, and tell me what I need to improve on.” - Reyna Navejar about her father, a former boxer.

“I was praying, praying to God, that everything would be all right. Whether I won or I lost, just everything would be OK, and I would last the three rounds and do everything I could to not get knocked out.” - Reyna Navejar about her first boxing match.

“Before the fight, I was hitting myself in the head. Because you are supposed to do that before a fight, so you know, like, what it’s going to feel like, before you actually get hit, but when she hit me, she hit pretty hard, but I was not going to let her hit me and fall down. I was just going to take the punches.” - Reyna Navejar about her first boxing match.

“It was dark, you couldn’t really see anything, but when you are in there it’s totally different. It’s like you’re in a dream or something, and there is only one person and she is the only thing that is on your mind and you have to attack.” - Reyna Navejar on being in the ring.

Boxing Girl